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Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI) is dedicated to advancing blood safety worldwide through scientific research, education and the promotion of evidence-based policies.


    Established more than 50 years ago, BSRI, a research division of Blood Systems, has become a world-renowned institute engaged in research ranging from blood donor epidemiology to cellular therapy to virus discovery.


    BSRI has state-of-the-art equipment to support research related to blood and blood product safety in the areas of molecular biology, immunology, virology, tissue culture, cell processing and epidemiology


    BSRI supports the education and training of the next generation of researchers through fellowships, internships, mentoring and classes conducted in San Francisco and around the world.

Latest News


Hologic’s Panther System at BSRI for HIV Research


Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI) today announced a collaboration to more precisely and efficiently measure the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) latent reservoir in clinical samples using the Panther system from Hologic, Inc. – a fully automated molecular diagnostics platform that provides test consolidation, random-access sample loading, and proven assay chemistry.

ABC Newsletter on TACO Studies


Edward Murphy, MD, MPH, and Nareg Roubinian, MD, MPHTM, have been leading the Severe Transfusion Reactions including Pulmonary Edema (STRIPE), as part of REDS-III. STRIPE, a case-control study, examines both transfusion and clinical data to better characterize risk factors and outcomes for Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO).   In addition, the STRIPE study includes biospecimen collection to allow study of cytokines and other biomarkers in the diagnosis and pathogenesis of TACO.

Abstinence, HIV And Blood Donation


Dr. Brian Custer discusses why the one-year ban on sexually active gay men donating blood still exists.



The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking for new scientific research as it reevaluates a controversial policy banning men from donating blood if they admit to having had sex with another man in the past year. 

Sugar-binding Protein Galectin-9 Found to Be a New Weapon to Cure HIV


The ultimate impediment to a cure for HIV infection is the presence of latent, HIV-infected cells, which can reawaken and produce new virus when antiretroviral drug therapy is stopped.

Lifting U.S. curbs on gay blood donors seen years away: experts


Public policy experts, including Dr. Brian Custer from Blood Systems Research Institute, explain the science and research still needed for the US Food & Drug Administration to consider lifting the permanent deferral of MSM from donating blood.

Blood Processing Methods Affect Microparticles and mtDNA Linked to Blood Transfusion Reactions


Scientists from Blood Systems Research Institute in San Francisco, California, and Canadian Blood Services’ Centre for Innovation lab in Edmonton, Alberta, report for the first time that specific red blood cell manufacturing methods may be less damaging to cells than others.

Countdown to a Cure, UCSF Magazine, Summer 2016


Spurred by three decades of momentum and fresh funding, scientists mount a major effort to finally defeat AIDS.

BSRI Launches Denver Campus, Welcomes Dr. Larry J. Dumont as Senior Investigator and Associate Director


“Under Larry’s direction, BSRI-Denver will be an important participant and contributor in the development and evaluation of new methods, devices and biological products in transfusion medicine”

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